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Negotiation under stress

Important negotiations are often long, hard and tiering, mentally and emotionally. This emotional stress limits us in our freedom to act. And it is the people who remain cool who will perform better under stress. “Cool” means here not only on the outside but also on the inside. The other negotiators who lose their control and automatically react to any trigger from within or without find themselves in a worse position. This happens everywhere, at work, with line managers, clients, suppliers, judges and lawyers, project teams….and ultimately in all your private endevaours.

After negotiations

Sounds familiar?

We all know these moments when a lot is at stake, something unforeseen happens and we “lose” it. We don’t react as we had planned it out before. We say things we better shouldn’t have, make concessions, that with hindsight look unnecessary or even foolish. How to deal with these uncontrollable moments during negotiations? Focusing on this is the backbone of our work. Next to the basic negotiation principles, we work out solutions and strategies of how to get you from a passive receiver of emotions to a proactive and decisive negotiation player. During our work we spend enough time on this important physical aspect of transformation.

It is scientifically proven that you are more effective, more creative and more successful when you are in a positive state of mind. To reach this positive state of mind is what world-class athletes tend to attend to be successful and it is also the goal of our work with you. To help you reach your best desired negotiation outcome!

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What differentiates us from others

Fancy Powerpoint presentations and funnels, through which we fill you up with knowledge, don’t exist in our work. We simulate real life negotiations and analyse them regarding your personal and individual behavioural patterns of reaction. On this basis we create your personal “stress-map” and develop your personal transformation process together with the aim to dissolve future stress potentials. We will dedicate our work not only to your mental but equally to your physical patterns of behavioural reaction. Our goal for you: more control over your pre-defined negotiation priorities and through this your best successful deal.

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Who this could be particularly interesting for

Our workshops are relevant for all those who find themselves in negotiations in a business context. This could be in Sales, HR, Procurement or Project Management in the corporate context, or also for lawyers in front of court in the legal context. If needed, we are happy to tailor our workshops to your special needs or special target groups, like e.g., a certain industry, a certain gender (e.g., only women or only men) or a specific job function.

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Why we are so good at this

We look back on many years of successful professional lives as leaders in different industries and in business consulting. Our direct work experience entails the following business areas: Sales, HR, Procurement and Supply Chain Management.  We proved ourselves in these areas as successful negotiators. Apart from this we worked as Workshop Facilitators, Business Consultants and Business Coaches as well as Youth and Sports Coaches in Football and Martial Arts. We are extremely competent at complex, international negotiations and have led dialogues with people from a lot of different backgrounds. Empathic leadership is as important to us as fostering an atmosphere of deep and complex reflection.

Carola Böhme

Carola Böhme

Always daring to try something new, the need to move and constantly learn – that’s what drives me, gives me joy and, above all, makes me happy.

I started my professional life with a lot of sales talent and ambition. I was very quickly given management responsibilities, and that’s how I made my way. Continuing education and training were a constant part of my professional success, and coaching sessions served my personal development. After my studies (physics, industrial science/technology), I started at Siemens in B2B product sales, followed by a one-year stay in the US, and finally I found my professional “home” in professional services. For more than 20 years I was in charge of sales at KPMG and finally at EY, the premier league of auditors.

Kinomichi – this martial art is my passion. Already in my student days I started with Aikido, because Kinomichi was created only in 1979 in France. High flexibility, soft and harmonious movements are the basis of the techniques, which are learned with a lot of discipline, concentration and body sense. A wonderful metaphor for life. As a Kinomichi instructor, I am passing on my skills to my group in Munich for many years with great pleasure. In addition, I also enjoy sailing – being out in nature, letting the wind blowing into my face, being carried by the waves – simply indescribable.

Julia Goering

Julia Goering

To see life from all different angles, to learn from it and apply this knowledge to my own development and the development of others. This is my challenge and what I am passionate about.

Currently I work as Leadership Coach, Trainer and Headhunter in Germany and across Europe.

I spent more than 20 years of my professional life in the areas of HR/Procurement/SCM and in Business Consulting. My first 10 years at Mars played an important role as the mostly international scene I mostly worked in served as an important basis for anything there was to come after.

Change and exploring different roles – this is also an important aspect in my private life. I studied to become a zen-actress and gestalt therapist. In addition I am a certified football coach and have trained youth football teams for almost a decade now. Children’s wellbeing is close to my heart and I have spent my free time in different projects and activities around this subject for many years.

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